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Hire Better!

Attract and engage high-quality talent from all over the web in one place. Interview and hire as many as you want. No per-head fees. No percentages. Just better hiring.






Average Candidates
per job


Average Days
to Hire

Candidate Pool
Candidate screening magnifying glass
hiring handshake
Attract talent from over
75 active and passive candidate sources.
Set a budget and we'll manage sourcing. Spend your time engaging talent.
Ditch the resume stack, and get answers to the questions you care about.
Screen in one click,
and get qualified candidates. It’s that easy.
Move candidates from application to hire with a NewHire Staffing Expert.
Hire the best
candidates fast! Our average is 30 days.


How it Works:
Prepare to recruit lightbulb
1. Prepare to Recruit

Define your target candidate profile with a NewHire Staffing expert. Develop attractive recruitment advertising.

Candidate Pool
2. Source

Get the highest quantity and quality of candidates available (both active and passive) from within your recruitment budget. We'll manage the sourcing for you.

Candidate screening magnifying glass
3. Screen

Pre-screen candidates using your custom selection criteria for each job & maximize time spent with qualified candidates

4. Interview

Engage candidates and track progress all in one place with a NewHire Staffing Expert to help manage the work

Assessment checklist
5. Assess

Assess skills, behaviors, and background of top candidates with a suite of validated recruitment assessments

hiring handshake
6. Hire

Interview and hire as many candidates as you need. Say goodbye to per-head fees and hello to your newest employees.



"It was like having my own team to help with the work. I found a great person and match for the position.  

I will be using NewHire again and again."

Dave Younge, Small Business Owner
Progressive Stamping



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