Progressive Stamping

Progressive Stamping

Progressive Stamping used NewHire Elements to source, screen, and select a candidate for a sales position. Here's what their President, Dave Younge, had to say about his experience. 


"I have never worked with NewHire before.  I am skeptical of these kinds of services.  They typically get you a lot of responses that are a waste of your time.  I needed a key position filled and three of my business associates recommended that I use NewHire.

I wanted a person that would be a good fit to our organization’s culture.  I did not want a person who had great skills and experience but was a poor person with whom to work.  I shared this concern with Sean Little (Account Manager) and asked how NewHire could make that happen.  He demonstrated the technology and explained how they could customize the application.  I was impressed with the flexibility and how they could accommodate some assessments I  preferred.

Nicole Johnson (Staffing Coordinator) called to discuss the job description and the kind of person I was seeking.  As Sean had demonstrated, she helped me design an application with questions that turned out to be a great aid in helping me decide who were the better candidates.  She guided me through making the posting more focused to draw the best applicants. 

The best part of the experience was the follow up from Sean and Nicole.  They checked in with me regularly to be sure I was getting the results I desired.  Nicole helped with the wording of emails sent to applicants informing of them of their status in the process.  It was like having my own team to help with the work. 

I found a great person and match for the position.  I will be using NewHire again and again."